Products are available for mail order, by FedEx Grounds 2-3 day Reliable shipping in The Continental United States

Plus 5.3% sales tax apply. Shipping out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Pay trough PayPal or on the phone with Square. Contact me to order.


Dobos, Eszterhazy, Puncs, Lemon etc. Torta 8"                                             $47

+Shipping and handling FedEx Ground 2 days

Between $25-$50 on the East Coast of USA.

Contact me for details

The following items can be shipped with FedEx grounds.


Shipping and handling are $15- $30 depending on the size of the order and your location.


Tirol Apple Strudel                      $55                                

                                                              Croissants 12pc.                         $30


Linzer-Hungarian short bread, double cookie 24 pc.                                          $27


Chocolate Truffles 12 pc.            $15                        

Chocolate Truffles 5 pc.               $9


Pogacsa 35 oz.                            $28

   (rounds or sticks with cheese)      





It is possible to put more items in one large box. Contact me for details.


Check the menu for more pictures. Thank you.