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I attended culinary school in Budapest, Hungary, and became a pastry chef. I have lived and worked in Hungary, Western Europe and the USA. In 2003, when I was 26 years old, I moved to Minnesota, USA with my husband. I worked at a local bakery as a specialty baker, learning a lot about American cakes and sweets. I got a Business Administration degree in 2008 in Minnesota, to help me run my own business.

 We moved to Virginia, USA in 2013 with my husband Jeff, and two children Adelaide and Luke. I started Susanna's Confections in 2016, and since then I am serving the community in Monterey Virginia and the surrounding counties. I helped Warm Springs Inn, in Warm Springs, VA to start their coffee shop, I bake Tirol Apple Strudel for Edelweiss German Restaurant in Greenville, VA, and I baked cakes and sweets for Dean's Den in Frost WVa. in 2021.

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