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Baking From 

The Heart

I am a trained pastry chef from Hungary with 20+ years experience. Baking is also my passion, beside my business and work. I use quality ingredients and make everything from scratch. I bake in a state certified kitchen.

I am ready to create the confections for your party or special occasion. Let me know how I can help.

Zsuzsanna Baxter



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Monika Turek

I ordered linzers to be shipped to a friend. It was a huge hit and they were super surprised.

Susanna was quick responding to my questions and it was great to feel that the package is taken care of.

I would highly recommend her service and sweets!

Thank you! I wish I would live closer!

Delicious pastries

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Patti Varhegyi Buckridee

I ordered Dios Beigli (Nut Rolls) from Susanna’s Confections and they are PERFECT! Not only do the loaves look beautiful, they taste fabulous! The nut flavor is not too sweet and nice and moist. I highly recommend Susanna’s Confections and I will definitely be ordering again!

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Patti Reum

I ordered a Dobos Torta for my birthday. This has always been one of my favorites so I was delighted to see that Susanna makes it. Or should I say, CREATES it, as a true artist would. Absolutely scrumptiouus, great ingredients and wonderfully presented. I had a piece, shared some with friends, then froze the rest to enjoy later. Thank you!

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